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"Creating your own show and producing your own work"

Teacher: Julia Cratchley

Date: Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

Time: 9am-10am

Cost: FREE for YC Choreographers 
         $10 for dancers/public

         $15 at the door


Description: This class will give you some of the ins and outs of creating your own production. The things you need to know, the people you need to hire and the elements that go far beyond "choreographing". Julia will go through things she has learned from having her own company, mistakes she made and how to make it all happen. The end of the class we will open up the floor to questions, so think ahead if you have any!

What to bring: There will be no dancing in this class. Please bring some paper and a pen to take notes so you can soak in and learn from this industry professional. Also, please think of questions for the Q&A portion of the class!


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