MARCH 1-8, 2021


Get ready for our YC virtual solo challenge! As a YC soloist, you will have to choreograph your own dance, film it, and submit it to our team. You will be paired with a mentor who will review your submission and provide feedback and tips to improve your choreography.

After receiving feedback from mentor, you will have to apply the feedback to your solo and submit an updated video to us. After all soloists have submitted their final videos, our judges will score each dance and choose 15 choreographers to move on the finals. The finalists will have to submit a video explaining what their piece is about, what they would do with the prize money and what they learned from their mentor. 

The top 3 choreographers in each age division will be announced along with the top 3 overall choreographers. There will also be a social media/audience vote winner announced. We will be awarding $750 to First Place Overall, $250 to Second Place Overall and $150 to Third Place Overall.


This event will only be for soloists. Just like our live event, our online event will also have 3 age divisions:

  1. Pre-Professional Choreographers

    • Ages 19+

  2. Young Choreographers

    • Ages 15-18

  3. Junior Choreographers

    • Ages 12-14

  4. Mini Choreographer

  • Ages 9-11

The Virtual Solo YC Challenge Genres:

  • Contemporary

  • Jazz

  • Open 


  1. You can film your solo in your house, outside, or anywhere that is safe. To make it fair for everyone, we will be judging your choreography & performance, not your surroundings!

  2. You can wear any kind of clothes or costume you can dance in. 

  3. Choreographers have to introduce original and creative content.

  4. All choreographers are responsible for finding their own music.

  5. Soloists only.

  6. Choreography should be no more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds long.

  7. You must enter your videos by each date (listed below). Late videos will result in disqualification. 


  • Video 1 is due by Monday, March 1st, 2021 by 5:00pm EST. You will receive your mentor feedback by March 3rd.

  • Video 2 is due by Friday, March 5th, 2021 by 5pm EST.

  • The First awards session will be presented on IG LIVE on Saturday March 6th, 2021 at 5pm EST. From there, 15 finalists will move on to the next round. 

  • On SundayMarch 7th by 5pm EST, the 15 finalists must submit a video explaining what their piece is about, what they would do with the prize money & what they've learned from their mentors.

  • YC Finalist Awards will be presented on IG LIVE (@youngcreatorschallenge) on Sunday March 7th, 2021 at 8pm EST. 

  • Social / Audience Vote will take place during the days of March 6-7th, 2021. 


  • Our 1st place overall winners (of each age category) and then top 5 overall winners will get the chance to attend an intimate, virtual Q&A session with an LA Producer, Casting Director, and award winning Choreographer. 

  • 1st Place Overall Cash Prize of $750 

  • 2nd Place Overall Cash Prize of $250

  • 3rd Place Overall Cash Prize of $150

  • All awards will take place on Instagram. Please make sure you are following us @youngcreatorschallenge.

  • During the first award session, we will be announcing the top winners from each age category. There will be no placements mentioned but we will announce the 15 finalists.

  • All 15 finalists will be showcased on our Instagram account.

  • The final awards session will announce the placements of each finalist in every age division and then the top 3 overall placements. 

  • Only the top 3 overall winners will receive cash prizes*. All Cash Prizes will be sent over Email Transfer or Paypal (if outside of Canada).

  • The Social/Audience Vote winner will receive a free entry to the another YC Challenge!


Registration closes at 11:59pm EST on Feb 28th, 2021.

You may enter more than one solo if you'd like.

If you're a studio owner registering multiple kids, please reach out to us via email for a discount!

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A few lucky winners will get the chance to attend an intimate, virtual Q&A experience with Addy Chan! 

Addy Chan is a choreographer, producer and casting director based in Los Angeles, CA.  By design, she has carved out an eclectic professional career working extensively in TV, film and live stage.   Some notable credits include: Make it Pop (Nickelodeon), Descendants (Disney), League of Legends (Riot Games), Kelly Clarkson, The Weeknd and Billie Eilish.  Addy is the Associate Choreographer for the Grammy-nominated musical The Prince of Egypt which opened Feb 2020 on the London West End.  She currently choreographs for virtual supergroup K/DA and Mandopop star, Lexie Liu. A woman of many talents, she is the producer and talent manager for the world-renowned dance company, Kinjaz and most recently produced her first film Full Out 2: You Got This which released Jan 2021 worldwide on Netflix.  


"I'm thrilled to be a part of the Young Creators Challenge and excited to meet the next generation of superstars.  Q&A's are always my favorite; I love to connect and de-mystify the dance industry for new talent. I look forward to sharing trade secrets and offering guidance on how to create a lasting career in entertainment.  Best of luck to all the choreographers!" - Addy

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